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Water Rights Consulting Services


Snowy Stream

Jehn Water Consultants assists municipalities and private water consumers in evaluating stream and ditch rights and helps optimize the value of surface water rights for current and future use. Jehn Water Consultants provides services to help residential and commercial water users obtain surface water rights so they can meet their current needs.  We can also help change existing water rights, develop augmentation plans, and perform storage and firm yield analyses.


Through the design and maintenance of continuously recording surface water flow measuring devices located throughout Colorado, Jehn Water Consultants has been integral in providing water yield analysis for water users all over the state. Data collected from these devices are downloaded and kept in a constantly updated database. We can create models using this data including quantification of water availability in ungaged drainage basins, spatial and regression simulations, and surface water demand/storage planning for developments. 


Well Driller

Jehn Water Consultants has extensive experience in maximizing water supply from ground water and surface water sources throughout Colorado and neighboring states.  We can strategically develop plans from a variety of sources including deep bedrock and shallow alluvial aquifer wells. Jehn Water Consultants has been involved with the inception, planning and completion of more than 400 water supply development projects throughout Colorado, including the Denver Metropolitan area, the Fraser Valley, the Eagle River Valley, South Platte River Basin, Colorado River Basin, Arkansas River Basin, Gunnison River Basin, Yampa River Basin and other areas. Jehn Water Consultants has the knowledge to obtain the decreed rights through Water Court to use water from streams and various aquifers for municipalities, cities, special districts, developers, industry, ranchers and homeowners.


Jehn Water Consultants' projects include surface and ground water supply development, water rights studies, augmentation plans, transfer of water rights, computer modeling studies, including the simulation of response to pumping in bedrock and unconsolidated (alluvial) aquifers, stream depletion analyses, well interference effects, mine dewatering analyses, and numerous ground water dewatering analyses. Our capabilities range from large municipal water supply wells and systems to domestic wells for individual homeowners with corresponding cost and performance criteria.


LA Landing

Jehn Water Consultants staff handle water administration accounting for a variety of clients, large and small.  Our staff is highly experienced in both preparation of forms and working to assist with ongoing daily, monthly or annual preparation and submission.


Wine Farm

Water supply planning, developed by Jehn Water Consultants, involves innovative solutions for locating water sources and storage options. Augmentation plans define water requirements, consumptive uses, water supply, and available water rights, and identify those senior water rights that must be protected from threats imposed by junior water rights and changes of use. Jehn Water Consultants can assist water users in developing a plan from initial concept through the planning process and Water Court, to implementation as the project progresses.



JWC personnel bring the knowledge to develop or adapt computer programs catered to our clients' water related project.  Here are some examples of computer modeling analysis we provide:


• Stream depletion due to well usage;


• Previous irrigation use of surface waters;


• Historic consumptive use studies;


• Statistical methods to determine drought and flood periods;


• Well pumping analyses to evaluate present value.



The purpose of a SWSP is to allow water consumers to use their water rights for short periods of time or as they are completing a Water Court application. Approval from the Division of Water Resources may allow some users to operate a temporary plan for augmentation as their adjudication for a permanent plan of augmentation progresses through Water Court. SWSPs allow for short term augmentation plans to operate without a Water Court approved plan as long as the plan does not exceed five years. Jehn Water Consultants works with clients to develop SWSPs for short term use or to assist projects under certain circumstances when pending Water Court applications cause project completion delays.



We have the experience to complete valuations of both surface and ground water rights in Colorado. Valuations by Jehn Water Consultants have maximized water assets for Special Districts, cities, ranchers, developers and individual water users.


LA Landing

Jehn Water Consultants has been involved in numerous changes of water rights typically changing water rights historically used for agriculture to municipal or augmentation uses.  These studies entail the identification of historically irrigated crop types, the consumptive use analysis, and the preparation of expert reports of a water rights change case, and supporting expert testimony in Water Court.

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